You keep telling yourself you want to learn to play the piano. But your list of excuses & fears are intimidating....and learning to play the piano is at the bottom.


You're invited to learn 10 Worship Songs in 30 Days Flat!


I'm not after teaching you endless scales.

I'm not here to teach you to play like Beethoven.


Let’s just focus on getting revved up with the basics to learning a whole new style of learning. It's FREE, what do ya say? 


Things we'll cover:

Most music programs begin by stressing the importance of learning to read music. With the Simplified Piano Method, there is no stress. We emphasize on enjoyment as a foundation for our courses so you'll actually want to keep coming back to your piano bench.

  • Basics to the piano

    If you've never touched a piano, we have you covered! We will cover all the basics to the piano & what "chording" is.


  • Basics to Chording

    Chording is such a versatile way to learn to play music. Learning the foundation of  chords that make up the Key of C will allow you to have the tools to learn any song you've always wanted to learn.

  • Simple concepts

    Our piano tutorials & printable chord sheets are simple & easy to follow.  You'll learn concepts that will allow you to pick up songs you love.

Our Simplified Piano approach to the piano is a  very non-traditional approach. NO reading notes. NO endless scales or drills. It's Easy & Fun. When you learn the basic chording skills we teach in the Worship Piano Challenge, you then have the very tools to play anywhere, anytime. 

"Thank you for showing me how to play all these worship songs easily. I’ve just recently started getting into piano because you made it easy to understand. I’ve been able to play several songs and even go live and lead worship now! I’ve only been watching for a few weeks and I have had zero lessons or any experience with playing anything before. I’ve been a singer for a long time and I have been wanting to play piano to be able to lead myself and your videos have made that possible!"

-Madison Rollins

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