I took 5-6 years of formal piano as a kid & knew theory and play basic songs, but I wanted to be able to sing along. Learning from Bethany allowed me instantly to play the songs I had been trying to learn one measure at a time. I have been able to apply what I already know to really be able to play the songs I have always wanted to play and sing to.




I am loving this Workshop. So nice to finally be able to sit down and play a song that I have heard on the radio. Picked up "Let it Be" by the Beatles. Awesome.










 I've played my piano more in my first month of your Workshop than I practiced throughout all my younger lessons combined. These lessons make it fun again and I love being able to pick up a lead sheet or any old music I have and just play it! There's so much freedom in your method, you can be as creative as you want or just keep it simple. Can't wait to learn more!