THE EXACT BLUEPRINT TO SIMPLIFY ANY SONG... learning the SIMPLE steps, you can play songs you love and enjoy playing the piano anywhere & anytime. 


If there were a clear, actionable way to up your piano playing WITHOUT taking years of lessons, spending hundreds of dollars, or the anxiety of “I don't even know where to start …”

… would you feel confident to show up to the piano and play songs you always dreamt of playing?

You see: You have this burning desire to learn the piano.

Those scary piano chord sheets you see online? THEY seem scary at first, but I promise you there's so many unnecessary chords you can cut out when you first begin learning to play the piano!

Learning these skills will accelerate your ability to sit down and play songs you love.

Which in turn, makes learning the piano less scary and more about freeing you up to enjoy music for a lifetime!

Imagine if...

  • You knew exactly what to search for and where to find the chord sheets to play songs you love. 


  • You didn't have to waste time searching Pinterest, sifting through YouTube tutorials, or waste $ on courses that are too overwhelming.


  • You could finally crack the code to simplifying chord sheets of songs you love & you could sit down and quickly play songs from the comfort of your home without feeling like you have to be a pro to learn to play the piano.



Your A-to-Z blueprint to learn the ropes for playing songs you love… in an online & self-paced course.  

I'm handing over my step-by-step system I use for our entire community of beginner students. 




You'll be able to learn all the content in a self paced- online course format and also have the digital download to the E-Book. This is my exact playbook I use every time I want to simply a song. What are you waiting for? Let's do this!



In this course I have 4 different song examples where I walk you through my 3 phase process of "before, during, after". I hold your hand through the complex chord sheets you find, tools to use to simplify, and empower & equip you on your musical journey!





When you finish this course, you'll gain confidence to go on to Simplify any song you want to play! I even included 14 Bonus songs that will allow you to take the red pen into your own hand to practice and get playing right away! 

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