Hi! I'm Bethany. I wanted to share with you ways we can serve you on your musical journey!

Join our 10 songs in 30 days free challenge!

Join our 10 songs in 30 days free challenge!

Knowing and understanding chords and their inversions will help you to unlock the keyboard by

simplifying the way your hands move around and provide variety to your sound.

Enjoy learning simple children songs alongside your child, grandchildren or friends!

Learn songs like Jesus loves me, Mary had a little lamb, Old Macdonald, twinkle twinkle, etc.)

Chord Inversions E-book

All major & minor chords and the notes in each Root, 1st Inversion. & 2nd Inversion.

Chord Families E-book

Instant access to all the chords for every key so you can play any song you choose!


Holiday Songs E-books

Enjoy learning Christmas,

Thanksgiving, & Easter songs!