Imagine yourself being able to sit down and play the piano while your kids dance and sing!
Would that bring you Joy? 



What if you had the ability to play any song you've always wanted to learn?
Would you believe me if I told you that's possible?



How fun would it be to sit down & learn to play the piano with your kids?
What if I told you that it's simple & fun?
What if I told you it won't take years to learn?  
What if I told you you won't spend frustrating hours at the piano practicing?


You'll go from feeling intimidated to confident in a matter of a few lessons.


You might be thinking.....

  • I don't have any musical background?

    I get that question a lot! My past students have ranged from 0 experience to years of traditional lessons and have all found how simple the steps are and how easily I break them down for anyone to understand. You can learn anything you put your mind to no matter where you are on your musical journey.

  • I hated to practice when I took traditional lessons, what will make this different?

    Hey friend, I get it. I was THAT student. I hated every practice. What I love about the style of "chording" I teach is that it's completely opposite of learning the traditional way. This course gets students playing and singing along to fun songs. Through this course it also gives you the simple tools to learn ANY song you love. I also believe that this approach gives you much quicker results learning songs in a matter of a few weeks rather than years with traditional lessons.

  • Am I too old to learn?

    NO! You're never too old to learn new things. We have had many students ranging from 7-97. I think this approach to the piano is Simple, Easy, & FUN. What's the point of learning an instrument if it takes years to play, isn't fun, and is complicated? We have simplified each of the tutorials down to the bare bones basics for the absolute beginner. You'll have fun, I promise!  

  • I've taken lessons in the past and it was too complicated, how is your teaching any different?

    Great question! I took 10 years of classical lessons and felt the exact same way. I was frustrated. It was confusing. I didn't find joy and there certainly wasn't any freedom to pick up any song I wanted to learn. Since then, I have played for years and constantly get asked what my secrets are. I'm so passionate about teaching simple steps with my students to find that same success.

  • Is this course geared more for adults or children?

    My desire for this course is that the adults will do the initial learning and the kids can dance and sing along. Once the kids hear the songs over and over being played by the adult, I feel they will catch on to the natural rhythm I teach in the course. I find that often times young children don't have quite the coordination for chording like adults, but that's not to say they can't learn! I suggest sitting by them and modeling for them what you're learning. If it's done in a slow and natural process, I think you will all ENJOY music together for a lifetime! 

My name is Bethany, & I have created something I know you'll love! 
Our Piano Playground is filled with songs that will bring you joy to your whole family in a matter of a few lessons.
I simplify the basics, 
so you can enjoy playing & singing along.

After taking this course, you'll have the simple tools to

learn any song you and your kiddos want to learn!
Come play along with me!

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