Quickly know the chords in each chord family and PLAY. 

Find Joy and musical freedom.

  • Are you confused what chords belong to each "Key" the song is written in?

  • Do you watch a tutorial online and quickly forget what notes make up each chord?

  • Have you taken years of lessons and still struggle to play?


Chord Families


Hi friend, my name is Bethany. I created this resource to be a great companion to have with you as you learn to play songs you love. When I was learning to chord, I'd often watch a tutorial, but then quickly forget what notes made up each chord. I hope it gives you easier access to learn to chord and experience JOY in your playing!


Whatever your past experiences may be, these are things you need to know:

YOU have the ability. YOU can learn the piano. 

I will show you how. 


Learning to play the piano can be a challenge, but it isn't if you have this book!


Simply put, you can download any chord sheet,

look at the pictures in my book and play the song with ease. 

Here's a sneak peak of what is inside:

This page will be perfect to use with each song you're learning. Keep track of song title, key, ratio, chords used in the song, etc.

Instant access to all the chords for every key so you can play any song you choose!


You'll have a page for each Key to organize all of the songs you're learning!

Watch, print & play.

Gain access to all the chords in all major keys & get playing!

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